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2. Keep Stacking Those Kohl’s Coupons

Stores could potentially use such data to personalize deals to shoppers. Knowing what items a shopper is searching for can also help identify merchandise they should be stocking. But the stores contacted by Fortune indicated that they are not yet using information they collect to do anything except to keep out hackers. Many larger grocers, again quietly, appear to have introduced the service in recent years, as well. In extending WiFi to all its locations this year, Big Y, one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England, said access will help shoppers manage their profiles, view store flyers on Bigy.

In what ways, if at all, may free WiFi access become more critical for retailers in the years ahead? You must be logged in to post a comment. Providing free WiFi access today is almost an assumed no-brainer service the way pay phones used to be. Customers expect free WiFi pretty much wherever they shop. And by the way, we also offer free rest rooms, drinking fountains, and a couple of chairs if you need to take a rest.

Plus, their smart phones already have Internet access through their mobile carriers. Offering WiFi in retail is different than offering WiFi at Starbucks or other coffee houses, where consumers sit for a period of time and may focus on their electronic devices, and where messages and offers are not pushed to them. A word of caution—our data tells us more than half of retailers still do NOT have WiFi in stores on the selling floor—not even for their employees or store managers.

Obviously this has to change, but the pace of adoption has been really, really slow. The availability of free WiFi access can be a double edged sword.

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The WiFi infrastructure will provide the connectivity backbone for future in-store applications. On the other hand, a shopper may spend 30 minutes at JCP, Target or wherever with a clear purchase mission in mind.

On the other hand, using an app like Shopkick to engage the consumer with a smartphone when she is already in your store is becoming an essential tactic. Paula, as usual, is spot on. In general, retailers have never been known as early adopters. Putting in WiFi is a pretty easy and painless thing to do, and from there they can look at how they plan to use it to their advantage. Integrating touchpoints, closing exit points, generating interaction, etc. There are multiple reasons for having WiFi in a retail store before you get to the consumer free WiFi benefit.

2. Don’t throw away expired Kohl’s cash.

I agree with other comments that the needs for WiFi when shopping a retail store are not the same as sitting and working in a coffee shop. No need to promote this. Smartphones tell their owners when an open network is available. If the retailer wants to insert incentives, fees, terms or disclaimers, so be it. Shoppers may connect, or not, as they see fit. I do believe that free WiFi access is now an expected service standard for many, if not most, shoppers.

As shoppers get used to staying connected in store, they open a channel for communications, services and yes, tracking and surveillance. I think free WiFi is becoming table stakes from a customer experience connectivity perspective. That is where you will see the value. Free WiFi may be a fad. A retailer wants customers to shop, not web search. These new applications that do price comparisons are nice for a limited group of shoppers.

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Unless competing retailers are nearby, the drive for a couple of buck savings may not be worth it. Yes, that is F-O-U-R 4! You are either able to earn the reward or able to use the reward. Usually, the dates to use the reward are about a week after the dates that you earned the reward.

Kohl's Coupons

It is not a coupon that you need to spend a certain threshold. You will see them in your shopping cart when you sign in to your account online, and they will also show up at the register where you can choose to use them or keep saving! Those work too! Oh, and another bonus!

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As you should be fully aware, I am not a proponent of credit cards and debt. So if possible hold off on your shopping until then. So watch your inbox for that FREE money! These are known as Night Owl and Early Bird Specials and the sales are available in-store as well as online. They are easily identifiable when shopping online because the rebate amount is stated right alongside item with a link to the actual rebate form.

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25 Kohl’s Shopping Hacks – Using Coupons and Discounts

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