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After the athlete has completed their foot handstand walk, they will cross the finish mat and their judge will mark down their final time. There is a 24 minute time cap for this workout. If you fail to complete the total work above in 24 minutes, you will be scored with an amount of repetitions, rather than a final time. Athletes will begin on their platform with an unloaded bar. From minute zero to five, the athlete will have attempts at a ten rep max overhead squat. The athlete must verbally confirm the weight on the bar to their judge before making their attempt.

If the bar or athlete come off the platform in anyway, the lift will not count. From minutes six to ten, the athlete will have attempts at a 1 rep max snatch. The score for this event is the heaviest successful combined lifts of the ten rep max overhead squat and the snatch. The athlete may choose to muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, or clean the bar and then put it on their back to go overhead.

A snatch balance is allowed for the first repetition as well. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the ground during the execution of the lift. A muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, or split snatch may be used. From minute zero to five, the athlete will have attempts at a 1 rep max clean. After the five minutes are up, there will be a one minute transition to the next event.

At minute seven on the clock, Athletes will begin seated on the rower, you may have the handle in hand with the monitor reading zero calories. ROW: On the call of 3,2,1 Go athletes will begin rowing until the designated calories are complete. The athlete must remain on the rower until it reads the assigned calories.

You will advance your box forward to the next marker after each set of 10 repetitions is completed. After the 50 box jump overs are complete, the athlete will run and cross the finish line. There will be two scores for this event, your weight on the clean and your total time to complete the second part of this workout. If you do not complete the work in the time cap, you will be awarded an amount of repetitions for your score. Any damper setting is fine.

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The athlete will still need to make contact on top of the box with both feet before stepping or jumping off the other side. With all three athletes on the starting mat, at the call of 3,2, All three team members will take off on their meter run. The run will be a designated route marked out by the event staff and judges. It is an 18 minute clock, therefore the faster all team members finish their run, the more time they have to row calories and handstand walk.

There will be 1 team member rowing, 1 handstand walking, and 1 resting at all times. Team members can switch out at any point.

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The handstand walk must be feet minimum unbroken section before switching out team members. The score is total reps between the handstand walk and rowing calories. For every feet of handstand walk completed, you will be awarded 5 reps. For every 5 calories rowed, you will be awarded 1 rep. If you did not complete a set of 5 calories rowed, you will not be awarded partial reps.

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You will continue this sequence with your team until the 18 minutes is up. With athlete 1 standing on the platform with an unloaded barbell, at the call of 3,2, Athlete 1 will have 4 minutes to establish a rep max overhead squat. The bar must be taken from the floor and can get put overhead anyhow.

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After the 4 minutes is up, athlete two will step forward and begin their 1 rep max snatch. The barbell can stay loaded with weight at this point. From minutes athlete 2 will begin attempts at a 1 rep max snatch. At minute 8, athlete 3 will step up to the platform and begin attempts at their 1 rep max clean.

After the 12 minutes is completed, the score between the team will be combined weight of the overhead squat, snatch, and clean.

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Stylists strengthen hair with a deep conditioning session before blowing out hair into a street-ready style that can last for days. In threading, a thin thread is doubled, twisted, and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Fresh ingredients and carefully selected spices create flavorful dishes such as coconut mushroom noodle soup, deep-fried tofu, and more.

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