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Much to be desired customer service. With my disappointment the model I bought only six months ago seems to be out of stock or even out of production over the whole South Africa. I have been told, first by a consultant, then by the manager, that I will have to wait, who knows for how many months, to receive a new phone same model. I purchased this phone with a MTN contract, I paid and I am still paying the full instalment and I have been already one month without my phone, using the card in an old phone but being unable to use whatsapp and other media as per contract.

Secondarily, how is it possible that a phone I bought six months ago and is still under guarantee, is already out of trade for whatever reason? Dear service providers, I have signed a contract with MTN where I was purchasing a functioning model and some services. I have the duty to pay my instalments and MTN has the duty to provide me with this functioning device and the promised services.

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If you cannot replace my model, you have plenty of better models to fix the fact you sold me a faulty item that has already wasted my money and energies. Even a two years old knows that this cell phones that companies sell at stratospheric prices, cost nearly anything in the big production. Please let me know urgently how we can resolve this issue, which I have raised also on your MTN FB page and I am willing to talk about also on the radio.

You have charged me a banking fee for this, why? However you changed ownership name so you definitely got the documents. We are currently experiance mayor signal problems in Potchefstroom area and are losing thousands in business because we cannot deal with our clients. Your service is the worst I have experienced. You are charging for a contract that you are not providing. Every month for the last three months you charge for mbdata but have not provided at all. I have spent the last three weeks calling for help but nobody is helping. I am really upset with the fact that i cannot do another sim swap because 30 days has not passed,it was not my fault i was mugged!!!

No i have to use a new number when all my contacts and work and social is on my old number,this is really not fair. However I am very disappointed that the mins can not be used for international calls and I am forced to load extra airtime to make a call. This is a useless situation as I want to call Swaziland and UK regularly and as I am now paying double the original monthly payment it is not helping me.

Is there another contract that includes airtime — I feel let down by MTN as this problem was not pointed out to me when I made the upgrade. Am really hoping you can help?

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Regards Hilary. I have been trying to get hold of your insurance for the past 3 weeks but not even once has anybody picked up the phone. I cannot wait to finish my contract with MTN. I am also one who tried to contact the service provider, and have to listen to the same silly press 1.

I need my phone to keep in contact with my clients at all the networks. I am unable to do so as i have no internet connection and also am unable to open my google play app as it says the same thing. My email account does not send or receive any e mails as previously done before your strike. Please advise!!!!!

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I am unable to make any outgoing calls whatsoever, cannot even dial to receive voice messages. I am also experiencing very very very bad signal here, please advise what can be done to increase strength.

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I load airtime onto this account regularly, gives me balance of which i take to transfer into a bundle, yet MTN chews that up like chewing gum when i have not even used it within the prescribed time period. Dear All I would like to activate internet on my post paid number but I have not been able get any details on internet plans and its cost, please help me. I kindly request for your help as my account was blocked as I was reloading the airtime. I tried several times, but couldnt succeed due to network failure. Please unblock my phone, as I dont want to buy another line.

I tried talking to customer support.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jacobus 3 months ago Reply. Dirk 9 months ago Reply. Martin Liebenberg 10 months ago Reply. Pine 1 year ago Reply. Will you ever be of assistance. I have same problem. Lindiwe 2 years ago Reply.

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Dear MTN My phone has not been working for over a week now. Annoyed Customer Lindiwe M. Daniel 2 years ago Reply. Cikizwa Nohe 9 months ago Reply. Michael Cook 2 years ago Reply. Jacques Naude 2 years ago Reply. Garry du Plessis 2 years ago Reply. Connie 1 year ago Reply. Megan 2 years ago Reply. Hi there Well I am not impressed with MTN it takes an hour to cancel a contract even when you inform them for a 3rd time you know their procedure and know what you want done they still talk over you.

Stefan Falcon 2 years ago Reply.

blackberry deals mtn contract Blackberry deals mtn contract
blackberry deals mtn contract Blackberry deals mtn contract
blackberry deals mtn contract Blackberry deals mtn contract
blackberry deals mtn contract Blackberry deals mtn contract
blackberry deals mtn contract Blackberry deals mtn contract

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