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I'm aware. Jean Monday, July 28th Aaron Monday, July 28th Maybe this will be poking the bear so to speak, but it is just my opinion. Ate there some teachers that are overpaid for what they do? I know the teachers that get to the school 5 mints before the first bell and then rush out after school and never come in during the summer. But the good ones are involved will outside of contract time.

As a student teacher last year I know that there were many weeks weeks that I spent 60 his at the school and then had more to do when I got home. This was while I was paying to be there.

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Did I chose teaching? Could I be making more money with the degree I have? I have a BS in chemistry and minors in math and physics I will let you take a guess. But I chose teaching because I feel like it is where I can make the biggest difference and where I will be happiest. I think it is nice that these places offer a sort of thank you for giving up big pay to make a difference. Trust me I didn't go into teaching for these discounts but I do appreciate feeling appreciated.

Additionally I apologize for any typos as I am doing this on my phone while eating after final team camp. Jackie cobo Monday, July 28th Willyne Kestel Sunday, July 27th Glad to know about all the discounts! Would love the tote! Can never have enough as a teacher!

Nicole Sunday, July 27th For those commenting that teaching is a chosen profession, every profession is a chosen profession. None of us would be where we are today without teachers.

Our society leans on teachers for so much. They watch sometimes up to 30 children at a time, they take their work home, attend countless required seminars and open houses and such. Teachers do a lot more for society than say someone in marketing or human resources, yet my nanny currently makes more than my child's teacher. I see a problem. Teachers deserve a lot better than our society gives to them and in my opinion these discounts aren't half of what they should be.

When I retire I will be lucky if I make half of the top of that range. Thanks for posting the discounts! Glad to know that SOME people appreciate teachers! Shelly Sunday, July 27th Doug and followers please get a grip on reality.

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Do you realize I would not wear these clothes everyday that have dogs and cats and ruler is on and if I were a teacher? Do you realize I wouldn't need a second phone for privacy reasons in for parents to refuse to deal with teachers during their contract time? Do you realize how much money teachers spent on you, your friends, your children, your nieces, nephews and so on for rewards snacks, necessities, materials, bribes, and breakfast for all those times your mom didn't feed you? Sometimes when you don't have anything nice or intelligent to say you shouldn't say anything at all.

Nicci Sunday, July 27th Another store that has a teacher discount card is Hancock Fabrics. Just show your school ID and you can get the discount card. Judy Watts Sunday, July 27th Excuse me, aren't all careers chosen, I have been a teacher for 33 years and I don't make 45k, and I spend hundreds out of my pocket every year because I don't want any child to go without. Don't begrudge us for helping your child. I have clothes ruined every year from art projects, playground duty, or a sick or bloody child. Cindy Sunday, July 27th Some of these are NOT teacher discounts but school district discounts!

If you have to pay with a School credit card or school check then the discount is going to the school, so "No Thanks, Hobby Lobby and Party City! I'll stick with places like Michaels and Barnes and Noble. Carolyn Sunday, July 27th Wish I had access to this info. Retired now and need the discounts more than ever.

Is there a list of discounts that still give discounts to retired teachers?

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Jeffrey Trigger Sunday, July 27th I'm really disappointed that so many of the commenters took the low road by bashing Greg without doing research. He could quite possibly be from Ontario. Two, teachers in union states, get paid more than right to work. Three, we teachers can't complain about the work we have to do when we get home. We knew going in we would have to do it. If it's a problem for you, then you need to find a new profession. Four, complaining about your pay is going to fall on deaf ears.

Yes the pay sucks, but the vast majority of people living in the USA think their pay sucks as well. You should be talking about how the lack of funding to your classroom affects your students. It has affected mine, and this year's cuts will affect them again. While my pay does suck, I can make cutbacks, I'm not starving.

If you have already made cuts, and you still can't make it, dust off the resume and find a job in which you can make ends meet. You don't think that's fair? Whoever said life was fair? Peggy Marks Sunday, July 27th Asa Lutheran pastor I spend much time teaching Teresa Eckrich Sunday, July 27th Susan Sunday, July 27th Call or go to store.

Donna Sunday, July 27th To those that will remain nameless if you believe that teachers should not get discounts then I assume that you think theology sty should not as well. This list is wonderful. Rosalyn Murray Saturday, July 26th Liz Saturday, July 26th Alice Elliott Saturday, July 26th Jessica Friday, July 25th Kate Spade and the Kate Spade outlet also give a teacher discount with a valid id.

Smith Friday, July 25th Greg, I'm going to give you one last bit of comment-oxygen.

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Clearly, you were raised and educated in a vacuum - no parents good manner and no teachers since you know it all. I should have resisted feeding the troll, but you know us teachers - we think we can make you somehow better. As a teacher, it's great to know of so many companies and public places that acknowledge teachers.

The wealth of information available to teachers that engage students' knowledge. Thanks for all you do. Always ask for discounts For those who expect the cashier to ask, they won't. Be your own advocate. Ravin Thursday, July 24th Greg, where exactly in your deluded mind teachers make k?? You must be joking..

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Don't comment on teacher's salaries when you're wrong. Secondly you have nerve!! Teachers use their OWN money to buy things for the classrooms. You think things are handed to teacher? You are a deluded human being.

lincoln library springfield il presidential museum

Maybe if you have an issue with teachers, you should go to college and become one and see what you get paid. Just stop commenting on stuff you have no clue on. Are you getting your numbers from the internet? If so, they are way off. Why do you even care what teachers do anyway? Ohh wait you stop working after 8 hours.. Teachers deserve all the discounts they can!!!

For those who don't feel they should, keep your trap shut!! Sara Thursday, July 24th Teachers get into the La Brea tar pits for free with a teacher ID.

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Eileen Hesse Thursday, July 24th Here's a question And while I have shopped at many of these stores on the list, never once was I informed they offered discounts to teachers. Not that I expect them to ask every customer "Are you a teacher? Only that week. I appreciate your posting of this info for the teachers who have followed after me. Jane Wednesday, July 23rd Monterey Bay Aquarium gives teachers with a school ID badge a discount in their gift shops.

Shari Wednesday, July 23rd Planning a trip to Memphis in November I was looking at the Graceland website and it doesn't mention anything about teachers getting in free Jill Tuesday, July 22nd Greg is full of it. I want to know where he lives, because I'm applying for a job in that district. Cynthia Sunday, July 20th To those who think teachers don't deserve discounts,1.

I hope you don't have children and if you do If a teacher came to work not looking professional, you'd be the first to complain, 4. Yes, teaching is a chosen profession, but that doesn't mean we don't work hard or have more stress from butt-faces like yourselves that think we don't need discounts, and 5. In case you have forgotten your monkey - butt had a teacher who who did for you what E are trying to do with today's children Stop your hating!!! Leigha Saturday, July 19th The Complete List of 80 Teacher Discounts was worth looking through!

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lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon Lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon
lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon Lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon
lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon Lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon
lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon Lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon
lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon Lincoln museum springfield illinois coupon

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